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Holonic Chorus invites viewers into a shared WebXRworld, a fluctuating forest generated from real biometeorological data. In this playful world, groups of participants are invited to interact with trees to generate musical tones. Each new interaction creates a different song. A holon, from the Greek holos‘whole’ and -on ‘part’, is defined as being simultaneously both a whole in and of itself, as well as part of a larger whole. Inour real worlds, which at the time were socially distanced due to the pandemic, we hoped to provide a sense of community and shared space. Holonic Chorus was created by Kwame Kyei-Boateng, EyalAssaf, IlzeBriede, and myself. 

Experience Holonic Chorus online:

5- Holonic Chorus.jpg
5- Holonic Chorus alt 1.png
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