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Grace Grothaus

I am a computational media artist whose research questions center around human agency and balance within the built and natural environment.

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Grace Grothaus (b. New Orleans, USA) is a computational media artist whose research questions center around ecosystemic human and plant relationships in relation to the present global climate crisis and speculative futures. Her research-creation is expressed as physical computing installations which take place both outdoors or in the gallery. She endeavors to make invisible phenomena experienceable for the purpose of revitalizing our connections to our environments, engaging participants in thinking of holistic ecologies, and interrogating questions about the supposed separation of planetary built and natural systems. Frequently collaborative, Grace works with scientists, engineers, musicians and other visual and performing artists. Her artworks have been exhibited widely throughout North America and abroad on five continents including at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, FR), the World Creativity Biennale (Rio de Janiero, BR), Environmental Crisis: Art & Science (London, UK), and the International Symposium of Electronic Art (Barcelona, ES & Durban, SA). Grothaus has received awards for her work from organizations such as the United States National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and currently she is working towards a PhD in Digital Media from York University where she has been named both a Vanier and a VISTA scholar, as well as a Graduate Fellow of Academic Distinction.

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Toronto, ON Canada

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