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Dawning celebrates the daily rhythm of life on Earth as it responds to the sunrise. Footage from the Serra do Rola Moça mountains is projected onto a screen with tree canopy cut-outs, creating a forest-like dappled light effect on the floor. Both visual and audio aspects of the video are altered through software TouchDesigner by real-time  environmental sensor data from the forest. 
Dawning aims to bring a remote forest into urban space, connecting us with the intricate beauty of the life cycles of forest ecosystems. 

2023, custom projection screen and software
2- Dawning.png
2- Dawning alt view.png

Visitors can lie under the screen to fully immerse themselves in the experience, and even add their voices to the dawn chorus using the provided microphone.

Dawning_still6 - Grothaus.png
Dawning_still3 - Grothaus-remini-enhanced.png
Dawning_still5 - Grothaus-remini-enhanced.png

Still images from the Dawning video

In Dawning, sensor data including CO2, humidity, light levels, temperature, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), wind speed, and airborne particulate matter is posted to IoT platform I subscribed to the data in TouchDesigner and used it to affect video playback.

TD draft.png
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